Chris GQ Perry 

‚ÄčChristopher J. Perry was raised in Binghamton, NY. He lived with both his mom and dad, but spent a lot of time traveling to further his music career. Many people know Chris as GQ. This was a nickname that was given to him by an old friend because of his fashionable style, and smooth approach with the ladies,. Chris started writing songs at the age of 14 years old. However, he began taking his career to the next level at the age of 21 when he felt ready to hit the mainstream music industry.

  Chris who was born July 25, has been focusing on building his fan base, dropping videos, and releasing hit singles. As the years went on he began traveling for shows, and radio interviews.

  Gaining popularity as an independent artist, Chris couldn't resist trying his hands in the mainstream music industry. In December of 2011, he released his first mix tape "2 Face" which hit the streets hard. The dropping of that tape opened the doors for Chris, and put him in his own lane. Following the drop of his tape he followed up by dropping his music video for "Differences". This video captured a lot of attention and "Differences" appeared on radio stations,, and the sound track aired on television. Even though he was creating a buzz as an independent artist Chris was still not satisfied until he could make an impact on the world.

  Chris developed relationships with many people in the industry over the years, and began to create his own image while branding himself. He also created his own label "Loyalty Conquers Everything Ent., and has been putting the label into action. He began doing shows across the U.S., booking his own shows packing the house, and being invited to red carpet celebrity events where he was able to promote his music.

  In the near future Chris plans on dropping his new EP "No More Patience". According to previous interviews, and conversations with him this will be some of his best work! Chris will be focusing on expanding his brand further, and making an explosive impact in history. Make sure to keep an eye out for this rising star, and remember "Loyalty Conquers Everything".